IPFS, the most advanced
data storing technology
for the METAVERSE era

MonacoMetaFil has been and will be the most reliable partner for your IPFS business

METAVERSE is all about DATA storing. The Future DATA Storing is all about IPFS.

Data is something like sand in construction, without sand, no construction is possible. Without data, building metaverse couldn’t be possible either. That is the very reason why IPFS is getting spotlighted more and more in the Metaverse industry.

Filecoin and IPFS, the most advanced complements for your data related business.

Dapp data, Video, Podcast Data, private Data, Website, Data Storage, Whatever your business is, when it comes to data storage, Filecoin and IPFS is the best fit for your business.

The hassle-free AIO solution for Filecoin mining is fully ready for you

To make big revenue from Filecoin mining, you don’t have to be an expert. MonacoMetaFil provides all the necessary devices and softwares in All In OnePKG for mining.



Peta Bytes volume data storage


Value data storage and processing devices

1 Petabyte is equal to 1,048,756GB which is the capacity to store 174,000 movies of 6GB.

Monaco MetaFil Co., Ltd. is a 26 billion won value INTERNET DATA CENTER operating company that processes 30 PB (Petabytes) of data.


We build and step up the universe
full of and made of data
The more contents, the more data
And the bigger fortune

Partners oriented

The goal of all the activitiesBeing onducted by MMFIs heading only for the Partners’ success.

Keep Trust

Losing trust from Partnersis losing all.MMF keeps trust at any cost

Ceaseless challenge

We keep challenging. Never avoid difficulties long as it make partners’s life happier


President / CEO
J. B. Kim

Without data and data storing technology,
Metaverse and even websites you are seeing now couldn’t exist.
While People are acclaiming the virtual world and augmented reality technology,
Monacometafil’s eyes are heading to the value of IPFS and Filecoin.
We will constantly keep being focused on scaling up the Filecoin IDCs

I promise to share the profit from all our businesses with all our partners

Be the partner of MMF
and Grab the chance for success